Reef 36

270.01 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

A fragrance that imposes itself on everyone with a strong and powerful look that enchants everyone around you.. It consists of a mixture of charming flowers such as pear flower and biling flower.. A concentrated fragrance that smells of fragrances that captivate the senses.

A fragrance that has all the details of beauty..

Opening notes: pear flower

Heart notes: ylang-ylang flower

Base notes: Extreme Amber

Fragrance type: French

Fragrance classification: two parties

Places of use: outdoor

Size: 50 ml

  • 270.01 SAR
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عرض خاص

01 Golden Friday offers - when you buy two 50 ml perfumes, your gift is 50 ml perfume from selected items - 11-14-2021

عفاف الزهراني 1 week ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
بنين عويشير 4 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
عهود الحربي 4 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
اخذت عطر ريف37 ريحته تمووووت راح اكررر الطلب بدون تردد👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
مشاعل العتيبي 5 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
يموتتت احس اني بنت اغنياء اذا تعطرت منه
Khurram Javed 5 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
Basmah Saad 7 months ago
كيف ثباته للي جرررب!؟

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